Farmacy is a popular, organic, plant-based restaurant in Notting Hill. Run by Camilla Fayed, Farmacy are supporters of using education and information to create conversations on wellness, conscious eating, local food growing and sustainability.

As such, Duchess & Alleycat’s remit with Farmacy has a particularly heavy focus on sourcing materials for both printed collateral and packaging, that have the highest level on integrity and transparency.

We produce all of Farmacy’s menus on 100% recyclable paper. The branded packaging we supply to them, such as their cocktail napkins and greaseproof paper etc are then also 100% biodegradable.

In keeping with the holistic and botanical feel of the brand’s existing guidelines, Duchess & Alleycat have designed and created a broad range of marketing assets for Farmacy, from event brochures, to menus, product labels and more.